Our Care Services


Medical Directors: Valor hospice physicians will work congruently with each patient’s regular physicians to provide care focused on enhancing comfort at the end of life.

Registered Nurses: the RNs at Valor Hospice will be essentially the orchestra leader throughout the beneficiary’s hospice experience. From coordinating medication and supply deliveries to answering questions patients or family members may have, our nurses are at the center core of Valor Hospice.

On-Call Nursing: We will always have a staff nurse available24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Certified Nursing Assistant: The Hospice Aide will assist with personal care services that help make the patient feel better, to be more comfortable, and to overall make their day brighter.

Chaplains: Here at Valor Hospice, we are equipped to provide spiritual counseling through our incredible chaplains. They provide spiritual counseling respecting the patient’s personal religious beliefs, provide emotional support to their families and can assist with memorial preparations.

Bereavement Services: At Valor Hospice, care for the family as a unit is our focal point. The family and their needs are just as important to us as caring for the patient and we want to ensure that by offering bereavement services for up to a year to help family members cope with their loss.

Social Worker: Our social worker assesses the emotional, social, spiritual and financial needs of the patient and their family and can provide direct counseling or help coordinate support with other community resources.

Specialized Therapies: Should a patients prognosis necessitate physical, occupational, dietary, or speech therapy, our staff can provide those services to manage pain or symptoms.

Volunteer: Our volunteers are an incredible asset to our patient’s families. They can provide companionship and support. 

Pharmacy Services: Medications ordered by the physician for the palliation of the terminal illness and conditions related to the terminal illness, oversight, consultation and evaluation.

Medical Supplies: Provision of medical and personal care items ordered by the physician and the inter-disciplinary team per the plan of care.

Durable Medical Equipment: Medical equipment as needed for management of terminal illness and related conditions as specified and requested by the interdisciplinary plan of care.